I have a BSc in Symbolic Systems

At Stanford I majored in Symbolic Systems: Psychology, Logic, Philosophy, Linguistics and Computer Science with a concentration in Machine Translation. My fascination with Psycholinguistics and my work in BJ Fogg's Persuasive Technology Lab inspired my Honors Thesis: "Persuasive CALL: Using Persuasion to Make Computer Assisted Language Learning More Affective."


I have a Masters in Psycholinguistics

As a Californian experiencing my first winter, I learned that scarves are really important. I had too much fun doing research on what communication techniques people use when speaking to computers. I explored specific word selection in my Masters Thesis: "How People Talk to Computers: Accommodation Behavior in HCI."

What I'm Doing Now


I'M an interaction Designer at bloomberg l.p.

I lead UX delivery for Global Markets at Bloomberg L.P. the world’s leading provider of financial data and electronic trading solutions for banks, asset managers and hedge funds. I deliver designs for four product areas that deliver trading solutions for Equities, Fixed Income, Cash as well as trade processing and settlement services.



I talk about UX


This is a speech I gave to my Toastmaster's club answering the question "What is User Experience?". I am asked this question 90% of the time after telling people I am a User Experience designer and thought answering it would make a fun and informative speech. This is a broad introduction for an audience mostly composed of non-native speakers of English, ranging in age from 30-90 from all professions. My goal was for the audience to leave with the confidence to describe User Experience to anyone.

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