Professional Presentation Training: Improve the User Experience of Your CHI Presentation!

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Join this brand new CHI course given by user experience designers at Bloomberg L.P. and leave with:

  • An understanding of what makes a visual design effective in communicating meaning, and what makes an oral presentation engaging and memorable.

  • Specific improvements to your visual and oral presentations.

  • Skills you can take with you for the rest of your academic and professional life to be a more effective communicator!

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Full Course Description

Come learn from Bloomberg UX designers how to apply professional design and presentation skills to your CHI presentation to ensure you make the biggest impact on your audience in the limited time and space you have. In part 1 you will learn how to convey your information and message visually: first by finding the key story you are trying to tell and then using principles of visual hierarchy to make that story pop! In part 2 you will learn how to convey your information orally: effectivelygetting and keeping your audience’s attention so they remember your message.


Ash Brown, User Experience Designer

Ash Brown, User Experience Designer

Anthony Viviano, User Experience Designer

Anthony Viviano, User Experience Designer

Ash has been a member of the international organization Toastmasters for 5 years, delivering more than 30 speeches and participating and winning in 6 Toastmasters competitions. She has served as President and VP of Education of the Bloomberg club. Professionally, she has used these skills to develop and deliver trainings in finance and user experience to more than 500 technology professionals.

At Bloomberg, she leads a team of designers responsible for designing Trade Execution and Post- Trade processing interfaces. She has worked in user experience in finance for seven years and has a deep understanding of how to find the story in highly technical topics and present them so they are easy to grasp.

Anthony has presented at UX Scotland, UX Cambridge and at a UXPA event.

At Bloomberg he leads the design for the Enterprise Console Website, a client-facing tool that gives users visibility into their connected systems and create alerts for any anomalies. In his time at Bloomberg, he also worked as a senior interaction designer for internal engineering applications and on Bloomberg’sprofessional mobile app. In 15+ years in UX design, Anthony has honed his presentation and public speaking skills as a conference presenter and through client presentations, which have included numerous sales pitches