Playing the role of UX coach to development teams, UX reviews are a daily part of what I do.

I like to illustrate a recommendation for improvement with real examples so the feedback is based on what everyone can already observe working.


Coracao Confections Site Review

Coracao Confections is a raw food, vegan, premium confections company that sells their products throughout farmer's markets in Northern California. 



This is the home page before the site was revised.


For my review I started by looking at 20+ chocolate or confections sites to understand what their customers see if they buy from other companies' in the same niche. What struck me immediately across these sites was the consistency of navigation and the high visibility and prominence of the product. 

Feedback on social sites indicated that Coracao Confections price range established it firmly as a special occasion indulgence for many customers. I pointed this out to the owners and showed them examples of sites who sell products in the same price range. This gave them an idea of how their site compares to others for a customer willing to spend more for a higher quality product. 

After my review it was clear that their site wasn't reflecting the high quality of their products or making them visible for easy navigation and purchase. My main objective with my review was to help them improve the site layout, category language and product visibility.


I presented the feedback with an Observation-Recommendation-Example format. 

The Coracao Confections site after several recommendations were applied.